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WW1 Ship (Fleet) Pieces for Diplomacy the Board Game
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Small fleet pieces that should go well with your diplomacy board game. Works well with the matching tank piece: [1]These will print fine without rafts or supports.Enjoy!======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl Mariko
Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl MarikoDownload this model at: version: of my models:
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Realistic Nude Sexy Woman 3D Model
High poly model of a Realistic Sexy Woman in ztl and obj formats.Model has UV and 4k textures for body.Real Time rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.******************************************************Check out my profile to see the other cool models!
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Girl wearing jeans shirt and black pants 3D Model
Girl in jeans short and pants 3D model:Clean UV's and Topology. 3D printable!3D scanned Figure featuring photorealistic detail and proportions.OBJ file and 4k Texture map available with purchase.
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
Figure Girl
–Model Ready to 3D Print– Download this model at :
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D. Kneeling nude (NSFW)
D. Kneeling nude (NSFW)Life model captured with 24 DSLR.Relighted in 3dsmax.Plastic and metal printing available at shapeways scan bodyscan beauty life women model sexy photogrammetry girl nude skin naked body female cute...
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UPDATED: 24/02/2017
Board Games
Board Gamesby wonmi seo3DsMAX2013
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Girl in white lingerie posing 3D Model
Girl posing in white lingerie 3D model:Clean UV's and Topology. 3D printable!3D scanned Figure featuring photorealistic detail and proportions.OBJ file and 4k Texture map available with purchase.
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Sexy Girl in Black Bikini And high heels P... 3D model
High quality, 3D scanned Female model. Scanned using photogrammetry for acurate and detailed representation of fabric and skin.
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Free Nude Female Reference
Free Nude Female Reference Fully Rigged.
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RPG Board Game Pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I have been helping a friend design pieces for a board game he is working on. They are fairly simple and print well at .3mm. Maybe someone else can get some use out of them. The pieces are as follows. * Merchant: bag of money * Bureaucrat: Gov't Building *...
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"Robotica" BJD Doll
Her name is Robotica.Robotica is an articulated doll. The pieces are joined by elastic cords is all it takes to build once you have printed the pieces. 
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PieceMaker - Build your own board game pieces
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Make your own pieces, make your own game. Extend an existing board game, bling out your chess set, or make up something completely new! With this board game piece customizer you can choose the height, width, flare, style, taper, and caps to be whatever you like. You...
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Daniel 's BJD Ball Joint Doll
======== SUMMARY =============================================================10/9I made a swimming suit for her. It seem look better and got a more strong reason for user to print it out.30/8I exchange the head from( [1]) .It got a better looking than before.It is my first time to print and play BJD. I...
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Food Tokens for Board Game Fish Cook.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fish Cook, is a free-to-print game where players run a sushi restaurant. I designed these tiles to represent the 6 food tiles that players purchase to make recipes.Check out the board game here [1], or here
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Foursies - 4 in a row with a twist!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a printable model of a physical version of our iPhone game, Foursies ( [1]), which itself is an electronic version of a variant of a physical game. Bear with me... it will make sense, I promise!Foursies is a four-in-a-row game with a...
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Firefly Class Transport Ship Serenity HD
As a labour of love, I've spent about 80+ hours going through this model with a fine tooth comb (as well as Magics and Netfabb) to fix this model and make it more printable.Included versions so far are:Ship with no panels and merged shuttlesShip with merged panels and merged shuttlesShip with separate panels and merged shuttles (zero...
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Sexy Posed Woman 2 Zbrush HD 3D model
Sexy Posed Woman 2 Zbrush HD 3D model
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Sexy Female Game Character - Vendella
LIKE and FOLLOW us for updates on our Character lineup!“We love your 3D humans scans!” - Indie Developer, SteamBenefits: * Easy to use inside Game Engines * Variety of Texture Resolutions * More scans are being released every month.... Buy on GumroadABOUT: Full-Service Visual Essence 3D Cyber scanning and Character Development Studio,...
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UEFA European Championship Trophy - 3d Model
3D model - UEFA European Championship Trophy - Coupon 30% OFF Discount Code: LEE3D * High resolution European Championship Trophy all materials and lights scene setup for V-Ray renderer. * The materials are available in the Max file format with V-Ray...
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Custom rifle foregirp "TAIPAN" for airsoft & paintball / KEYMOD
*Taipan Foregrip MK. II *check the design process here! [1]**This is a custom angled foregrip for airsoft and paintball, could be used on real steel firearms too. You need to have a keymod rail system for it to fit your gun though. (Picatinny version coming shortly). What makes it different is that you can hold it in more than one way and adjust...
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LASER CAT - Voronoi Style Free 3D print model
Three variants to choose from:Coarse, medium and fine.Warning: Missleading title. Lasers are not included in this model, but you can add them by yourself. Laser safety warning: Laser radiation is dangerous! Please protect remaining eye! .-)Use a LEDs instead... it looks even better this way.
Category: ANIMALS / Cat
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Education model of brain
The brain is an organ [1] that serves as the center of the nervous system [2] in all vertebrate [3] and most invertebrate [4] animals—only a few invertebrates such as sponges [5], jellyfish [6], adult sea squirts [7] and starfish [8] do not have a brain, even if diffuse neural tissue [9] is present. It is located in the head, usually close to the...
Category: SCIENCE / Brain
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「Tatsumaki」「Hero S-Class Rank 2 」
「The Hero S-Class Rank 2 Tatsumaki」 From One Punch ManRender :
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1911 sight & lamp rail mount for Airsoft / Paintball
*Tactical rail mount for airsoft 1911 colt pistol. (needs to have undebarrel rail to mount this)**New and updated design, prints in one piece and requires only one  3/16 x 1"1/2 screw with nut.*Older design prints in halves and needs two 3/16 x 1"1/2 screews and nuts and two 3/4 x 1/8 screews and nuts. It has and upper rail for optics...
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Summer girl wearing a swimsuit 3D model
Summer girl wearing a swimsuit 3D model
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BodyParts3D Hand Skeleton
BodyParts3D Hand Skeleton
Category: SCIENCE / Hand
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Ultimaker 2 Extended Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Disclaimer: The "Ultimaker 2 Extended Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer" is based on the "Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion 3D Printer" which is designed by Jason a software architect from Austin, Texas, also known as jasonatepaint in the Thingiverse...
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Sunhokey Prusa i3 Cooling Fan Duct
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a support for a standard 40x40 fan for the Sunhokey Prusa i3.I used a powerful 40x40x28 fan to ensure a good cooling of the parts I'm printing. (I found this fan in an old 1U server rack)
Category: 3D PRINTING / Prusa
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3d printable Marie Rose nude
3d Printable naked model of Marie Rose from the video game Dead or Alive. She is 18 years old.
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