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Seamless Texture practice
Just some practice on seamless textures. here is a simple tile pattern.
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shaolin monk
shaolin monk sculpting exercise.
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Archer, Diffuse only.
Soo first time Fully texturing a character in a handpainted style, and goddamn I need practice texturing this way, I love the style you can gain from this workflow, and I found it pretty fun to do, but I think i’m going to go on a rampage with busts and practice A LOT more handpainted till i can get something i’m more satisfied with, this one was...
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Nota Bene Plague Medecin
Plague Medecin Model for a Posterhttps://www.artstation.com/artwork/QGOAxMade with Zbrush
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UPDATED: 07/02/2017
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Outer Space Roll Unit
They do not not skate on other planets like they do on planet earth, do they…?One night not so long ago I decorated my monitor with two badass images (one of Jay Adams skating & giving the finger, another of an otherworldly humanoid creature) and let them launch me on a three-day journey of squeezing a formless basemesh through ZBrush and...
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Mordor Uruk WIP
Decided to take one of my older sculpts and turn it into a mid poly character.Planning on rigging him as well as redo some of the messy unwraps/textures when I have some more free time, so any feedback is appreciated :)
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UPDATED: 16/02/2017
I’m eperimenting with asymmetry on this sculpt, everything was made individually. Uploaded directly from Zbrush with the Sketchfab Plugin. Leave a like, comment and tell me what you think :) Enjoy !
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Rock Climber DG
A game character with animation test and rigging from Mixamo. Painted with Zbrush and Substance Painter 2. Scaled and finalized with MotionBuilder and 3DS.The concept was based on the “Danger Girl’s” comic book character’s silhouettes. Hope you like!
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Cave of wonders
Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie. I love everything ! The characters, the art, the style, the universe and the story.So I decided to model the infamous entrance : Tiger-God. Also I wanted to give it a more solid appearance (less sand).Night version render :
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