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WoW Logo Keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I drew this in AutoCAD. It can be printed full size as a keychain or smaller as a charm. If you print smaller, I suggest increasing the fill so you don't lose detail.Please note that the printed example was done with red filament and then the raised letters were...
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Horde Keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The original two-faced model was great but had to be printed upward and with support so it could prove difficult.This design is simpler but can be printed with no support and horizontally.The photos are from a 2 color black/red print, switching filament mid-work...
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Varian Wrynn
Varian Wrynn model from the free Starcraft 2 mod : War4craft : Battle Realms. Extracted from World of Warcraft, all rights reserved to Blizzard.
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The Doomhammer
In my excitement for the upcoming Warcraft movie, I was inspired to model one of my favorite weapons in WoW. I wanted to show of the elemental side to the weapon with some emissive layers :)
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UPDATED: 09/01/2017
Extrated wow model from blizzard
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A low-poly fan made frostmourne.
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UPDATED: 14/01/2017
Extracted, from WoW, all rights reserved to Blizzard
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UPDATED: 17/01/2017
Lil' Murk
Tried my hand at sculpting a murky in Blender
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LP WoW tower
Published by 3ds Max based off Ishmael Hoover’s World of Warcraft concept art.
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The Wrath Bringer all!! “The Wrath Bringer” is an handpainted fantasy sword that I created during BrushForge’s first class!! We went from “storytelling”, to concept, 3d modeling, uv’s, texturing and assembling the whole model in Sketchfab! Overall this was an epic journey! Huuuge thanks to Kelvin Tan and Rob Sevilla for...
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