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MUSE, 3D printed corset from a 3D Scan (by Samuel N. Bernier)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Valentine's day, valentine's day... valentine's day.The people who organise the now famous "3DPrintShow" didn't think of people like me when they decided the date for their first exhibition in New-York City : February 12 to 15...It took me a...
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Kei Chain Wonder Woman
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Kei Chain Wonder Woman
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UPDATED: 14/02/2017
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Void Spider
Void Spider Boss minion for Visions of Zosimos. I am responsible for the UV mapping, textures and post processing, game rez retop and engine implementation.High Poly sculpt by Tyrus Goshay
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Sexy Female Game Character - Vendella
LIKE and FOLLOW us for updates on our Character lineup!“We love your 3D humans scans!” - Indie Developer, SteamBenefits: * Easy to use inside Game Engines * Variety of Texture Resolutions * More scans are being released every month.... Buy on GumroadABOUT: Full-Service Visual Essence 3D Cyber scanning and Character Development Studio,...
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
asset storeHand Animation / hand painting~!https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/kr/#!/content/6704
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First time modelling a human character. School project, modelling with 3DS Max and texturing with Photoshop.
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Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl Mariko
Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl MarikoDownload this model at:https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character-people/woman/mariko-schoolgirl-pose-07Rigged version:https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/character-people/woman/t-pose-rigged-model-of-mariko-in-school-uniformAll of my models:https://www.cgtrader.com/3DS_Max_Girls
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Women Shoes 3D Model
*This is Realistic Women Shoes 3D Model - With textures and materials - Ready to render in your scene*Available formats for download:- 3DS Max Version 9 With Standard Materials- 3DS Max Version 9 With Mental Ray materials- 3DS Max Version 9 With V-Ray materials- 3DS - multiple format- OBJ - multiple format- Previews* Materials included- Yes...
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Realistic female Body No Rig 3D Model
This is a low poly realistic 3D model of woman character. This version doesn't include rigging and facial animation.You can add any clothes for this body. From this topology you can easily to make more different kind of body.You can use it also to bake normal map for low polygon characters.Originally created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2011. The...
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