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Cthulhu Ceremonial Dagger
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It is time to celebrate the unholy glory of the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu lays, dead but dreaming, and we await for his return, reckoning the Earth and leaving nothing but destruction and madness in the wake of his return. The time is nigh. Now you must prove your devotion...
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Viking Shield
The shield was the most common means of defence. The sagas specifically mention linden wood for shield construction, although finds from graves show mostly other timbers, such as fir, alder and poplar. These timbers are not very dense and are light in the hand. They are also not inclined to split, unlike oak. Also, the fibres of the timber bind...
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Sedge's Scrap Axe
Reforged and polished from dull disposable scrap metal. Like everything Sedge the Scrap yard warden brandishes from his armor to his blade. Dont underestamate the strength of scrap metal, still as resistant as fresh metal.
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
Finally did real gun. M4A1 assault rifle
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The Doomhammer
In my excitement for the upcoming Warcraft movie, I was inspired to model one of my favorite weapons in WoW. I wanted to show of the elemental side to the weapon with some emissive layers :)
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M12: - Pinkie power fist - Phase 1
Fist punchy tool for reasons. (Also, sorry for whatever reason this breaks) * 6 in the MLP Tools of Destruction Set of weapons. * EQG Blender model belongs to Creator of pony
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RWBY - Qrow's Weapon's Gears
The gears on the handle of Qrow’s weaponI do not own Qrow or RWBY. Both belong to Rooster Teeth.
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All American Assault Rifle (Fallout 3)
All American Assault Rifle inspired by the Fallout 3 model. I am not very good at UV unwrapping or texturing so there is a separate Texture and Normal map for every piece of this model…making it totally modular but also performance heavy. If you download please just leave a comment for feedback. I’m still learning so feedback is appreciated.
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P226 Sig Sauer Custom Old School
Old School signature of my P226 Camo. Lots of changes on materialsAlso on ArtStation :https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0onz5
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Steampunk Seahorse
I always enjoy fusing or mixing ideas that don’t make sense, but in the end seem to work out. The head was originally stationary, but uploading my work here on Sketchfab inspired me to give it a different perspective and I decided to animate it.
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