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Mixer Laufen faucets 3D Model
Big collection of detailed faucets.----------------------Formats:-3ds max 2009-msx,-3ds,-Obj
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Laufen Toilet and bidet 3D Model
Laufen Toilet and bidet----------------------Formats:-3ds max 2009-msx,-3ds,-Obj
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Bath Mixer 3D Model
High quality model. 3DS Max with VRay materials version includes all textures. Just merge into your scene and render.FBX, OBJ and MAX-Standart Material versions includes no material definitions, but all parts has UV Coordiantes and material IDs, allowing for easy material creation using texture maps provided with VRay materials version.
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Roca Meridian 3D Model
Roca MeridianArt. 32724ESize:Length: 600 mm.Width: 340 mm.Height: 154 mm.Formats:max 2012 (v-ray)fbx 2012obj3ds
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Washbasin Laufen 3D Model
Washbasin Laufen----------------------Formats:-3ds max 2009-msx,-3ds,-Obj
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Manija del grifo - Tap Handle V2.1
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Español_ Tapa para canilla de agua "Manija del grifo - Tap Handle V2.0".http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1480721 [1]English_ Cover for tap water "tap handle - Handle Tap V2.0".http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1480721 [2][1] http://www.thingiverse.com/...
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Gardena Garden to Showerhose connector
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This connector can be used to connect your gardenhose instead of your showerhead. Warm shower water where you need it.Made this one to wash our dog in the garden while using a thermostat controlled faucet.
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Manija del grifo - Tap Handle V2.0
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Español_ El diámetro principal es de 62 mm. El diámetro del eje ( Spindle ) es de 9.1mm. Para mantener asegurado el eje le coloque un prisionero de 3mm ajustando a una tuerca.English_ The core diameter is 62 mm. The shaft diameter (Spindle) is 9.1mm. To keep insured the...
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These beer tap handles are not too shabby.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a stubby style knob for your tap handle. I have my knob mounted on a chrome angled tap handle adapter for a bit of extra height. The shorter design is great if you have a keezer or limited height above your taps.This design has an integrated 3/8"-16 thread...
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Steel Faucet 3D model
Steel Faucet 3D model
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