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Cthulhu Ceremonial Dagger
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It is time to celebrate the unholy glory of the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu lays, dead but dreaming, and we await for his return, reckoning the Earth and leaving nothing but destruction and madness in the wake of his return. The time is nigh. Now you must prove your devotion...
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The Steel Mercenary
A thief masquerading as an honorable duelist, The Steel Mercenary fights with his foes at the time they are weakest. His arsenal of magical equipment grows bigger with every unwary legend he kills.
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The Chitinous Knight
From an unknown race of massive insects, The Chitinous Knight uses his primal agility and immense frame to overpower any who challenge him. He is designed for combat, and relishes in any opportunity to take part in it.
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UPDATED: 13/01/2017
New Sword
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A low-poly fan made frostmourne.
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UPDATED: 18/01/2017
Pirate Gun
old assets for a pirate game
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M:20 - Battlespike - Phase 2
A fully armored spike, inspired by the summary for the unaired(yet) MLP S6 Episode “Gauntlet of fire” * 6 in the uncategorized set of objects * Spike source engine model belongs to Beardeddoomguy
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The Wrath Bringer
https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4yLmYHey all!! “The Wrath Bringer” is an handpainted fantasy sword that I created during BrushForge’s first class!! We went from “storytelling”, to concept, 3d modeling, uv’s, texturing and assembling the whole model in Sketchfab! Overall this was an epic journey! Huuuge thanks to Kelvin Tan and Rob Sevilla for...
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Planeta Kaiosama
3ds Max model Planeta Kaiosama- Dragon Ball Z
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UPDATED: 22/01/2017
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