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Member support packaging
Member support packaging
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Support bus 3D Model
Fully textured and FX widouth any use of a plugin! Using standard animation, rigged with bones, IK , and also beautiful standard 3dmax special effects, so that avery average/professional user can use immediatly, widouth buying any expensive plugin.TexturesAll models have a generic texture that includes bump and color maps. All mappings are based...
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3D Printing Nerd Keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Show your support for one of the coolest and fastest growing 3D printing gurus, the 3D Printing Nerd.We love seeing Joel's videos, posts and images and he continues to be a huge part of the growing 3D printing community. To learn more about Joel check out all of his...
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HTC one (m8 with cover) holder for motorcycle
======== SUMMARY =============================================================this is a remix of the creation of Idodo22 iPhone holder for motorcycle
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Universal CD-car slot PHONE holder, mount. iPhone5, iPhone6 etc. Quick change!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================An universal cd-car phone holder. I designed it in order to change quickly the cradle from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6. You can create your own phone cradle and attach with glue the "Plate.stl" behind it.*/Update 23 Feb 2016:/*Support2.0 is out!• Better design, less...
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3DR Solo leg support
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Put these under front legs, the leg will turn backward about 15 mm. Now it is no longer visible in GoPro's medium field videos. It is sometimes visible in wide field still pictures.
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Pinshape loves you!
Thank you so much for your support during the last week! All of us at Pinshape would like to express our gratitude towards the wonderful community. In celebration, we're dedicating this small design to you guys!We're excited to get back on track and continue building what we have here with all of you. We won't be where we are today...
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Steampunk shelf support 3D print model
A shelf support for glass shelves. In this case 8mm thickness, but can be scaled for other glass thicknesses. The design is steampunk, but of course you can paint it any way you like. I printed with a more dense infill, it can hold heavy glass plates and is mouon ted by 2 screws. No print support needed. Prints in 2 halfs. The steampunk paint...
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Triangular Trusses 002 3D model
Triangular TrussesTriangular Truss Standard: 41 objectsMini Triangular Truss: 14 objects
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Containment cell 3D Model
Containment cell free 3D modelSci-Fi Containment cell 3D model. Multiple formatsno tetures, no unwrap, only materials, camera and simple lighting.Formats available:max 9 Vray, max 9 standard mat, 3ds, c4d 12, dae, fbx, obj
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