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Cthulhu Ceremonial Dagger
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It is time to celebrate the unholy glory of the Great Old Ones. Cthulhu lays, dead but dreaming, and we await for his return, reckoning the Earth and leaving nothing but destruction and madness in the wake of his return. The time is nigh. Now you must prove your devotion...
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Alaskan Native Art
This is a model of a piece of indigenous art that I purchased when I was in Juneau, Alaska a number of years ago. It is carved from a whale vertebrae.
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Bristol High Cross
Bristol High Cross, Berkeley Square, CliftonThe medieval High Cross is first mentioned in 1247. It was rebuilt in 1373 when Bristol became a City and County. It stood at the crossroads of High St, Corn St, Wine St, and Broad St. In 1733, it was moved to College Green, then sold in 1763 to Stourhead House in Wilts, where it can still be seen.In...
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2 Aliens Figure
An old Zbrush model back from 2012… :)My store:
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Seated statue of Amenhotep III
From the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, Thebes, Egypt 18th Dynasty, about 1350 BC.
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Jack O'lantern
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Greek Doe Caryatid statue
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Irnokszobor páviánnal
Írnokszobor töredékeKészült: ÚjbirodalomAnyag: fekete kőMéret: 10 x 9 cm
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Teixeirinha (1927-1985)
Teixeirinha known as disco king, was a legend in the music of southern Brazil until 1983. It produced 70 LPs, he composed more than 1,200 songs and sold 80 million copies.Image produced by 3D scanning of the statue located in the cemetery Santa Casa in Porto Alegre / Brazil.by3DMotionSee more
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Moses By Michelangelo
This model of Moses is based on a precise bronze cast displayed at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.
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