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Simple Wire Spool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple wire spool that can be used to hold wire, string or yarn. The inner diameter of the spool is 3/4" and the flanges are 2.0" in diameter.The wire spool comes in two parts so that it doesn't need to be printed with supports or overhangs...
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Prusa i3 spool holder system
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hello guys!This is my first design that I publish here. I hope You will like it.Inner ring (spoolroll.stl) to make rotations of spool easier is designed for spools with inner 60mm diameter.Things that You will need to assamble it:2x M8x20cm threaded rods1x M8x30cm...
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Lincoln Log Spool Holder
This is a Lincoln-Log-Inspired spool roller! It's like a holder, except the spool rests on the logs. It's very simple and not a hassle to put together.
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Tapa soporte bobina filamento 53mm diametro con rodamientos (BQ Filamento)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Tapa soporte eje de 8mm para las bobinas de 53mm de diámetro (bobinas de BQ) lleva un rodamiento 608 en cada tapa.Spool Holder:8mm hub for spools 53 mm diameter (Spool brand BQ) carries a bearing 608 on each cap.
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Worlds Best Spool Hub Engraved Slim
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This spool hub can pass through the center of the spool allowing you to tether both sides together with an elastic cord.Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00H7UX44A [1]======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * RepRap*Printer...
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Customizable Spool Hub Adapter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I am using 32mm /1.25inch tubes to hold my filament spools. I got some spools with 53mm/2inch inner diameter. With this hub adapter they fit perfect.There are some filament spool hub adapters but I can't find one to simply plug into the filament spool having the...
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Fabrikator Mini Spool Holder - Larger Spool
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Spool holder for the Fabrikator Mini that can support larger spools i.e. eSun 1 kg spools. This was created in TinkerCad and was inspired by Chuck Hellebuyck at Elproducts (great youtube videos keep up the great work). I just couldn't find a holder already created...
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Simple Migbot Prusa i3 spool holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simplistic spool holder I designed for my Migbot Prusa, which uses RepRapDiscount smart controller. It's mounted by sandwiching between the controller board and printer's acrylic frame.======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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Prusa i3 spool holder 3D print model
Spool holder prusa i3
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Parametric universal spool holder
======== SUMMARY ============================================================="Universal Spool Holder 18-56mm II, 606ZZ/608ZZ" by cntrlV seemed like a nice design, but my spool had 60mm hole.I made a simple parametric version in scad. I added a thin boundary above the bearing, so you need to drill it out or clean up after print, but it...
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