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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
It’s built as a fountain centerpiece sculpture - the water shoots from her tail into her hand. I’ve put it on Gumroad, since it can be printed/machined in real scale with foam CNC machines.
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Mobius strip Gone Wild
Extrapolating a reference mesh of Moebius Strip's base mesh..In laymen terms: a Moebius Strip Gone Wild..Size: 150x114x100mmWall thickness: 2~4mmMath Art.
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Subdivide Vase
Beautifully designed Subdivided Vase.Unique Decor.Size: 170x170x190mmClick here for the matching Subdivide Bowl [1][1]
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Organic Filigree Cranium
Unique organic Filigree Cranium.3D Print it with PLA/ABS on your home 3D printer.ZIP file contains 2 STL files:1.Skull STL file2.Skull STL file with support structures.Use your Slicer software or MeshMixer software for easy to remove support structures.
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Diamond Vase
A math equation turned decorative Vase.3D print it on your home 3D printer with ABS/PLA or glass filaments.
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Start. End. – Sculpture
Generative design. Math Sculpture.(Click on pic to Zoom)3D print it with Nylon SLS/SLA or home 3D printer.
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Clio fractal lampshade
Fractals create some of the most amazing looking shapes.This one i made as a Lampshade with a 2mm wall thickness and a 30mm hole at the base for a LED or 40w bulb fixture.Size: 150x156x180mm3D print it with translucent/opaque filaments on your home 3d printer or with white Nylon on SLA printers.
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Gyro Chandelier
Fractals creating a complex symmetric geometry that baffles the eye.Size: 105x200x200mmMaterial Volume: 100 cubic cm.3D print it with white Nylon on a SLS 3D printer using a 3d printing service bureau.Insert a LED fixture from any position you see git till the center.
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TetGen Lampshade
Based on a Tetrahedral Mesh generation algorithm.Unique looking lampshade that can be 3d printed on a home 3d printer with translucent white ABS/PLA/NylonSize: 150x150x180mmWall thickness: 2mmOn the bottom there is a 50mm opening for a light/LED fixture.
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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 3D Model
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