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UPDATED: 01/02/2017
Often its those abstract shapes that captivate the eye.Decor 3D printing.Suggested filaments: Arctic white PLA/ABS. Wood filled. Porcelain/Ceramics.*License*   -----------------------------------------------------------------   .. Free Design by Dizingof is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial [1] license.*No login...
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Mobius strip Gone Wild
Extrapolating a reference mesh of Moebius Strip's base mesh..In laymen terms: a Moebius Strip Gone Wild..Size: 150x114x100mmWall thickness: 2~4mmMath Art.
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Subdivide Vase
Beautifully designed Subdivided Vase.Unique Decor.Size: 170x170x190mmClick here for the matching Subdivide Bowl [1][1]
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Diamond Vase
A math equation turned decorative Vase.3D print it on your home 3D printer with ABS/PLA or glass filaments.
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Start. End. – Sculpture
Generative design. Math Sculpture.(Click on pic to Zoom)3D print it with Nylon SLS/SLA or home 3D printer.
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The Book on 3D Printing 3D print model
It only seemed appropriately meta that *The Book on 3D Printing*, had a 3D printable model of *The Book on 3D Printing*.Find out more about the book at []( or [](![3D Printers come in all shapes and sizes](http://...
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Lasermount for SLA-Printer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple mount for 405nm lasermodules for SLA applications.Included a holder for 21mm zero aperture in the front (ideal for beam shaping).This design is inspired by a lasermount for the OpenSL project (R.I.P.).======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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M5 bolt Knob
This is a knob that you can use in conjunction with any standard M5 Hex Head bolt.  Click Here [1] to see how I use it for leveling my UV Curing box.[1]
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Patterned Screen
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple example of a screen with a geometric pattern. The pattern is based on a Moroccan design.Designed for SLA Printers. A .form file with pre-computed supports is available for Form 1+ users.The original sketchup file is included.
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Eiffel Tower **IMPROVED**
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is an improved Eiffel Tower design. It's optimized for SLA resin flow, but should also improve other 3D printing. I hollowed out a lot of the tower while still remaining structurally sound at larger print sizes - I tried a few that were smaller than 4"...
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