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UPDATED: 13/02/2017
Best Ship
Best Ship
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Star Wars - Sentinel Class Landingcraft
An old model I made of an Imperial Sentinel class Landingcraft from the film Star Wars: A New Hope
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Animated Ocean Scene
Here is an ocean scene made with 40 shape keys inBlender:DIf someone want to make something like this, here is a link to my tutorial where I will explain the basics: animation loop is not perfect this can be done better but I am relatively happy with the...
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Pirate Cannon
Small Pirate cannon
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Merged All Ships
ships from the game Rayguns and Rocketships
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Big Hovercraft - design (High-Poly)
Here is a Hovercraft - design I made in Blender. Time-lapse Video: cgtrader: will create a low-poly version of it, if I find time.
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Viking ship 2 3D Model
High detalized viking ship made in 3ds max. The sail and the flag has unwrapped UVW other parts has UVW map. Textures included.
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Ship Design Mindflow Model
This is the model I created for educational and showcase purposes in my ship design mindflow video using Zbrush hard surface modeling techniques. This is an exemplary decimated version. You can view the video here: you! :)
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Propeller Sub-D
This is a sub divided propeller I made for a class project. Feel free to use, just give me credit for modeling it!!
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Spaceship - Pixel Challenge 2016
Little spaceship made for the game jam Pixel Challenge 2016 in Québec (48h contest). It was great fun to do with a very good ambience! You can check the game here –>
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