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UPDATED: 22/02/2017
hand scan
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Scanned with the MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner
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MUSE, 3D printed corset from a 3D Scan (by Samuel N. Bernier)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Valentine's day, valentine's day... valentine's day.The people who organise the now famous "3DPrintShow" didn't think of people like me when they decided the date for their first exhibition in New-York City : February 12 to 15...It took me a...
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Craneo de gato (HIGHPOLY)
/Común europeo - 10 Años/*Estudio TC* Realizado en:TAC-VET Madrid
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UPDATED: 20/02/2017
Brown Crab,
My Brown Crab model, started as a photogrammetry project but ended up needing lots of reworking.
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Sexy Female Game Character - Vendella
LIKE and FOLLOW us for updates on our Character lineup!“We love your 3D humans scans!” - Indie Developer, SteamBenefits: * Easy to use inside Game Engines * Variety of Texture Resolutions * More scans are being released every month.... Buy on GumroadABOUT: Full-Service Visual Essence 3D Cyber scanning and Character Development Studio,...
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UPDATED: 22/02/2017
Crab Walk
Edible Crab (Cancer pagurus) simple crab rig, IK legs FK arms my first attempt at a crab walk, not looped it yet. thinking of maybe doing a ‘punch up’ between the crab and mantis shrimp:)Crab was a photogrammetry capture of 96 photos plus ~10 hours in photoshop cleaning up the occlusions. Rigging and animation was a couple of hours in 3ds Max
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Awesome Iron man cosplay!
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Sleeping Cat Scan 3d
Sleeping cat scan 3d download free obj scan photoscan
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Koszalin Center Photoscan
This has been made from my old KAP photos with the batch mode of the trial version of Photoscan Professional (the code was kindly provided by Agisoft a few months ago). I hesitated a lot before using it, because I don’t plan to buy it (too expensive for me). Anyway, I tried it and it’s great! The model is far better than the one generated by PMVS...
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Koszalin Center District Office Area
Photos from one KAP session with FotoKite 180 and Nikon S30. Photoscan really blows anything far away, I never thought that I could have such good models from my photos.
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