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Cabin 3D Model
Cabin 3D modelCabine done in Maya 2008Only the model how show in renders
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Wooden Boat MAX 2011 3D Model
==Wooden Boat MAX 2011==========CONTENT=========Wooden BoatPOLYGONS: 14,435VERTICES: 16,049=======FORMATS===========• max (3DStudioMAX 2011)• 3ds• ma (Maya 2010)• mb (Maya 2010)• pz3 (Poser 7)• cd4 (Cinema4D 12)• fbx• obj========RENDER========V-RAY
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Download free Boat 3D Model
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Gold Sluice Box Modules
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is some modules for my sluicebox.Part 1 is the main Sluicing part, i will use 4 of these.Part 2 is made to be used whit miners moss or simular.Part 2 Holed is a other version whit nice holes under the moss. Good for micros!Part 2 Holes V2 is whit the offset holes....
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Canoe 3D Model
Canoe (realistic and high quality)I. Rar file includes:1: File formats: 3ds max9 (Vray materials),3ds max9 (standard materials),autodesk fbx, obj and 3ds2:Materials: (Vray and standard materials)Model is textured and ready to render (3ds max 9 files)II. separate files for downloading:1. 3ds max 9 (Vray materials)2.3ds max9 (standard materials)3....
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Boat Yawl 6 oars 3D Model
Model wooden boat in three color options. Texture 2048.
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Rock 9 3D Model
-== 3d Model of RealisticRock ==-Native Format is Autodesk Maya 2008Located in Scene in XYZ=0,0,0.:::Formats:::..obj.fbx.mb 2008 and up.3ds.:::Textures::::.8k / 8192x8192 / 24bits .jpg-Color-Bump map-Normal map-Specular map-Displace map-AO...:::: Low Poly model incluide (3500p) with textures 8k in formats: (.mb .obj .fbx .3ds):::...Enjoy;)Thanks...
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Highland Terrain 3D Model
A terrain model for Animations Or High Poly scenes.Formats : .dwg(14,3mb).fbx(47mb).max(248kb).obj(25mb)
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Beverley Gate, Hull, in 1642
On the 23rd April 1642, the Beverley Gate (Kingston Upon Hull, UK) was the location where Hull’s Governor, John Hotham, and his son (also named John Hotham) refused Charles I entry into the city- as a result being one of the catalystic moments of the English Civil War (and the subsequent executions of the Hotham father and son).Exterior...
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Houses By The River 3D model
Every detail looks realistic and creates great architectural visualisations and a good, warm atmosphere.
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