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Solder wire holder/hook
======== SUMMARY =============================================================You can print in 25% density [1][1]
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Yet Another Printable Spool - Crank
Hand Crank for Yet Another Printable Spool
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Good old thread reel rubber tractor (spool bug tank)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Just remember old days :)thanks to [1]openscad model included[1]
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UPDATED: 18/02/2017
Tool chest
A simple tool chest which will be part of my demo reel. As always with these, I added I little bit of myself. An ODESZA sticker (amazing chillstep/electro band, go check them out), a DeWALT sticker seemed appropriate and the I <3 DOS is a little Easter egg to my father who has the same one on his own tool chest. Everything done by hand.Software...
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Medical view - Vein + Artery
Images médicale en 3D temps réel, travail personnel (2015)Bio : Images médicale en 3D temps réel réalisées dans le cadre d’un projet personnel montrant la coupe détaillée d’une artère et d’une veine.Use: Blender 3D + Substance Painter + Marmoset
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UPDATED: 28/02/2017
A simple stool. I made only one version because there will be only one in my scene. So pretty simple stuff, shiny chrome is cool to work with. Everything done by hand.Softwares used: 3ds Max, Photoshop, Vray
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Vintage Projector 3D model
High quality vintage projector model. Created in Cinema4D but comes in various other formats as well.
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Film-Reel 3D model
High quality film reel model. Made in C4D but comes with numerous other formats.
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Film reel 3D model
Only Cinema 4d files has materials and lights.If you like the model, please rate it.
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Clapperboard white 3D model
Clapperboard white 3D model
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