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Sculpted dog face  3D model
This model is sculpted using zbrush
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Turbo Clay Rocket Pug!
My entry for the UCAC March 2016 Challenge! :)Progress thread:http://polycount.com/discussion/166514/turbo-clay-rocket-pug
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Low poly pug with replaceable head Free 3D print model
There weren't enough adorable pugs on thingiverse. here's a low poly pug with 2 head options: normal and stupidly large. Enjoy!
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Sculpted dog head 3D Model
This model is sculpted using zbrushIt is then exported into almost all of 3d formatscheck the image of the files included.It is also can be printed in 3dThe scale is adjustable.Thank you
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Puppy with Morphs 3D Model
Polygonal model of a French Bulldog puppy with morphs in Maya, Obj and Fbx formats. The base mesh can be subdivided. The puppy is textured with hand painted maps and comes with 41 morphs, including phonemes, eye blinks, nose movement and facial expressions. Textures are in JPEG format, and layered PSD files and instructions for using the morphs...
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Pug Container
It can be used to store pills or other small things
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Pug Dog 3D Printable Model 3D print model
Hi this is a High detail 3d Printable model of Pug Dog
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Sleeping Pug
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Used 123D Catch for a 3D scan of my pug Doughnut. Cleaned up in ZBrush.Printed great but I forgot to take a picture before giving it to a fellow pug enthusiast. I'll Print another and post it.
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Sink Plug for 1.25" - 1.75"
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Needed a sink plug for the laundry sink to bathe my pug. Home Depot didn't carry the right size. Designed to fit 1.25" to 1.75" drain hole with a strong ring for a beaded chain.Edit 1: Replaced STL with a 50% scale version because Repetier Host seems to...
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Titled: "Wishful thinking, riding my pug called Marie-Antoinette".
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In honor of my beloved pug called Marie-Antonette!https://www.facebook.com/marieantoinette.mops [1]Due to current Fine Art Fair in the Netherlands [TEFAF].Designed a mashup-statue called: ""Wishful thinking riding my pug called Marie-Antoinette".FYI: She...
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