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M5 lead screw stabilizer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I had a need to develop this part for my prusa i3 Z axis (printed in black pla, see photos). The purpose is to provide support to the top end of an m5 lead screw and hold the unsupported tip in line with the standard prusa i3 Z motor mounts .This simple bracket is...
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P3steel - toolson edition
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In my opinion Irobri’s P3steel frame is probably the best i3 frame available.But the printed parts didn’t meet my requirements. Most of the existing designs are not well thought out .More than 1 year ago I bought a P3steel kit from a spanish supplier.After hundreds hours...
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Volt + ampere meter bracket
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Ordered three cheap volt/amp meters from ebay and hooked them up on my Hephestos, top one is for Arduino, motors and extruder, middle one for heatbed and bottom one for my Raspberry running OctoPrint.Take out the top to screws of the Z-axis and replace with longer ones....
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STOP X axis mount cooler
======== SUMMARY =============================================================EXAMPLE: [1]ENGLISH:It is a piece to press the button before the X-axis limit and to avoid to crash fan with cables.Designed for Prusa I3ESPAÑOL:Es una pieza para pulsar antes el botón limite del eje X y así evitar que el ventilador choque...
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Prusa i3 adaptable LED ramp holder V2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my second version of adaptable LED ramp holder for Prusa i3. Any type using 6 mm frame should be able to use it.I restart the design of my first version ( [1] ) to fix the principal issue: there is no more reduction of the...
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Filament guide for Prusa i3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Simple filament guide for a steel Prusa i3 (or any Prusa with a 6 mm frame).Also check out my spool holder for Prusa i3 [1].======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * RepRap*Printer: * Prusa i3*Rafts: * Doesn't...
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E3D Titan Extruder Upgrade for Prusa i3
======== SUMMARY =============================================================After a successful collaboration with E3D on their latest project, here are the parts to print for upgrading a Prusa i3 printer to fit their new Titan Extruder [1] and HotEnd eco-system.I don't want to duplicate the same information so I will refer you directly to...
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cable chain - 22mm width
======== SUMMARY =============================================================a new cable chain for my prusa i3width: 22mmeffective length of one chain piece: 21mmyou need for mount 6 x M3 countersunk srews and some cable fixerprint it quick and durty :)======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer: * Prusa...
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Prusa i3 Bowden X-carriage & E3D v6 hotend mount
This is my take on the Prusa i3 x-carriage for a Bowden extruder setup. My main goal is to make an easily removable hotend mount to allow the user to easily work on the hotend, by using magnets!  
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Custom Text Potentiometer / Rotary Encoder Knob
*Nice looking knobs for your projects!*
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