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UPDATED: 07/01/2017
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Coffee Maker and Coffee Pot
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POT3 3D Model
using max 2009 + vray 1.50#anviable format#Max#OBJ#3DS#FBX
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Stone pot 3D Model
Stone pot create from 3d max 2009 + vray 1.50Anviable format# Max# OBJ# FBX# 3DSlow poly
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Custom Text Potentiometer / Rotary Encoder Knob
*Nice looking knobs for your projects!*
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Tiki Planter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The original had some holes and a pipe I didn't like so I fixed the holes (hopefully all of them) and removed the pipe.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Scale to whatever size you like then Print plant enjoy.Note: there is...
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Seedling grid and pots
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a seedling pots and grid to hold them in place for seeds and small plantsupdate 28/05/2015*because of hard time of a extracting the plants i made a new version with easy access to open the containers and pull out the plants======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Rose Flower Pot
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Grow a rose plant inside a rose pot!Print one as a Mother's day Gift!Please share if you print one!======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print with at least 2 layer walls and 40% infil for strength. Raft would be very nice...
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Guardians of the Galaxy Plant Pot
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Guardians of the Galaxy Plant Pot is a plant pot based on the Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Orb from @tonyyoungblood (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:430184 [1]). Alternatively it can also serve as a container, for which there is a matching lid/cap. The cap was...
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UPDATED: 16/01/2017
Pot Clamp
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A clamp that lets you hang a potted plant on a wall. I've tried it with terracotta pots up to about 5" in size. Your pots may vary slightly.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Print on its side. 10% infill seems plenty...
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