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Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl Mariko
Japanese sexy teen schoolgirl MarikoDownload this model at: version: of my models:
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Free Nude Female Reference
Free Nude Female Reference Fully Rigged.
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Manb 3D Model
Realistc 3d model of adult male.created in 3ds max 2010model has good topology.uvs are done and redy for texturing.
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Nude Female Human 02 3D Model
3D model of Nude Female Human. Made in 3dsmax 2009. Rendered with standard material.
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Realistic female Body No Rig 3D Model
This is a low poly realistic 3D model of woman character. This version doesn't include rigging and facial animation.You can add any clothes for this body. From this topology you can easily to make more different kind of body.You can use it also to bake normal map for low polygon characters.Originally created with Autodesk 3ds Max 2011. The...
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ChicQuita NUDE FREE Female Reference
ChicQuita NUDE FREE Female Reference
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Cat Hybrid Woman
Older 3D Sculpt, just Bust / Torso and some adjustments (bigger impossible boobs and abs) and some face work done.
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David by Michelangelo
This is the head of David by Michelangelo. This version is based on a full-sized bronze copy created from molds taken directly off the original.This model of David’s head was created from 105 photos I shot yesterday evening. David just happens to be looking towards the setting sun. I had a difficult time with the shaded back of his head and I’m...
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Photo realistic male 3D Model
A photo real model of a male, real world scale, rendered in mental ray. Includes 2k texture, normal and displacement maps for the body, and a 1k texture map for the eyes.
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Realistic Male Character 3D Model
Realistic male character, modeled in 3ds Max 8 without plugins.The model is setup using a Subdivision modifier (TurboSmooth) to easily choose the models resolution.The preview pictures (except for the wire-frame renders) were rendered with 2 levels of subdivision applied to the model.3ds Max 8.0 Format Notes:This is the file format the character...
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