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Monkey Charms
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a charms.
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Monkey D Luffy
Luffy Base Model, Still Needs a lot of work but a good start if want to create monkey D luffy Character. Model was intended to be used in blender for Animation.
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models monsters lowpoly for game
Joint Stock Company Vietnam T2D Studio specialized graphics processor on the Games and TVC Our company consists of members who have many years of experience in the processing of graphics for gaming pc, games on the PS machine life. These games do we have participated as Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors series of games, Dissidia Final Fantasy,...
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Post-Apocalyptic Pirate Captain
Low poly game character based on the awesome concept by Johannes Helgeson: renders here: model is fully rigged and I plan to do some animations and post them here soon.Hope you like it! :)
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Irnokszobor páviánnal
Írnokszobor töredékeKészült: ÚjbirodalomAnyag: fekete kőMéret: 10 x 9 cm
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UPDATED: 01/03/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Student modeled project created for the 3D Modeling & Animation course (2016).Designed by Carter Owen '16.
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gourd monkey
======== SUMMARY =============================================================2016 Taipei new year lanternneed supply or its stem might be broken (like mine)
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Pirate woman Sculpture for miniature production. Thanks for watching and comment friends!Comming
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Monkey Cranium
Monkey Cranium from the anthropology department’s collections at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, modeled with the permission of Dr. Robert Anemone.Creator: Ashley Bryant, undergraduate Biology student at University of North Carolina at Greensboro.Hardware: NextEngine Desktop 3D Scanner, Model 2020iSoftware: ScanStudioHD and RapidWorks
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Year Of The Monkey
Happy Chinese new year!
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