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Steelseries gamepad stratus xl
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UPDATED: 07/01/2017
CSGO remake of cod4’s mp_vacant
Category: none
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CSGO remake of cod4’s mp_crashsnow
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HQ Modern Armchair
Free download this model from Unity Asset Store:!/content/54348
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Panel lattice grille 3D Model
Panel lattice grille
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Modern Floor Lamp 03 3D Model
Modern Floor Lamp 03.V-ray materials and default scanline materials included.**************************************************************-Model has real-world scale.-Model is centered at 0,0,0.-All object are named.-All materials are named.-No unnecessary objects.-Model looks like the thumbnails...
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Modern House
Category: none
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UPDATED: 14/01/2017
Go-Bot X4
A robot I concepted, modeled, textured, rigged, and animated.
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Magis Bombo chair on wheels 3D Model
High quality 3d model of a Bombo chair on wheels by Magis. Design: Stefano Giovannoni. The model is based on the manufacturer's original dimensions and was created paying much attention to all the details of the real chair. It has accurate grid, ready to use and perfect for close-up. Available in 5 colors: black, white, orange, blue and...
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Building 15 3D Model
Skyscraper 3D polygonal, multiple import formats.All Materials includedLinear workflow gamma 2.2Lighting and Vray physical cameras set like in the preview images (no background). Just click render.Modular geometry: duplicate, snap and create your blocks in seconds.Some import formats may require textures to be reassinged.max 9 Vray and standard...
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