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Quick Revive dispenser from COD Black Ops Free 3D print model
This is an high fidelity reconstruction of the Quick Revive dispenser from Call Of Duty Zombie Saga. This perk allows players to revive much faster their down teammates. In the game it will cost 1500 points. The printed model in the photo have 10cm of height
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Digital Lip Bumper Appliance Free 3D print model
Digital Lip Bumper appilance (Orthodontics) designed in 3Shape Appliance Designer 2013/P5 and rendered in ModuleWorks plus KeyShot Pro.
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Desktop chair Free 3D print model
This is a high resolution 3d scan of an old desktop chair ready to be 3D printed. It is about 4 cm high. Scale is approximately 1:20
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Roman Arch Blocks Free 3D print model
This is an Roman Arch.This contains 8 same and 1 key stone.The idea of making a Roman arch comes to my mind when I was searching a carpenter to build these blocks from wood/ply but was not able to get it done in proper dimensions and I wish, I could get this 3D printed.
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Dog Mail Box Free 3D print model
My new mail carrier noticed we have a dog and has been leaving treats in the mail box. So, of course I designed and 3D printed a small mail box for morsels... I mean parcels.The hinge pictured was made with a bit of earring hardware straightened out.I used velcro tape to mount mine, but there are holes to accommodate hardware or a zip tie.
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Uncle Scrooge Free 3D print model
Uncle Scrooge STL format
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Christmas by Kai and Vicki Free 3D print model
Christmas by Kai and Vicki
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BUNNY WITH A ATTITUDE Free 3D print model
Printed originally on a Printrbot Simple Metal at a layer height of 0.2 mm, layer infill at 10%, and with supports. Design is 41.82 mm x 41.51 mm x 76.20 mm.
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Coffee Spoon Free 3D print model
Coffee spoon
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wood van Free 3D print model
wood van ,carving olive a small van download it and enjoy
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