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MidKnight Heroes, Elizabeth 360
Elizabeth “Sweetie” from MidKnight Heroes. She will be a 30mm miniature cast in resin.
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Shem Shaguda, Space Trader
Designed for 15mm scale gaming.
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Xenng War Rask
Designed for 15mm scale gaming.
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Zyntari Scientist
Not my model (except for the base). This one was designed for our Wayfarer Tactics series by the very talented Jonathon Sullivan (EngineCogs). The model was sculpted for 15mm scale gaming.
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Dominion Peacekeeper
Designed for 15mm scale gaming.
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TOTORO my friends (reworked)
Here is my reworked version of TOTORO caractere.
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Guardian of Lion City
Designed for 15mm scale miniature gaming.
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"At the Shop" collection from the World of Makers series
These 3 models are part of a series called World of Makers: miniatures that commemorate the professions, skills, and hard work that contribute to the maker movement and technological innovation that positively impacts the world in a tangible way every day. From the harvesting and refinement of the materials we work with, to the shops in which we...
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OpenForge 2.0 Cut Stone External Wall
======== SUMMARY ===================================================================== OPENFORGE 2.0 =======================================================This is the first set in the external wall cut-stone series for OpenForge. A lot has changed with how I do walls that don't sit on the base, and I've changed the name from "edge...
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Dwarfclan Hold Guardian
Designed for 15mm scale miniature gaming by Max Maurel:
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