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Sedge's Scrap Axe
Reforged and polished from dull disposable scrap metal. Like everything Sedge the Scrap yard warden brandishes from his armor to his blade. Dont underestamate the strength of scrap metal, still as resistant as fresh metal.
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
Prototype Character that’s much more powerful than Roboroo.Character belongs to me and my eventual studio. Chocobot character also belongs to a great friend of mine marking our 5th anniversary as a team together.
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Second Age Gondorian Shield
Forged in Minas Tirith
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UPDATED: 19/02/2017
Metal box
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01.030.0803 Detail: Metal Detail Coping
This masonry top of wall detail shows a metal coping held in place with a continuous cleat. The coping slopes to the roof to shed water. The roof structure bears on a bond beam, part of the loadbearing masonry system. The wall has a 2’ clear air space for drainage, and weep vents are spaced at 24’ o.c. There is an air/moisture/vapor barrier on the...
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Jewelry. Pistil ring
New design inspired by nature . Ready for 3d printing.
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Iron Gate 03 3D Model
Iron Gate 03 High resolution textures. Smootheable.Unwrapped.**************************************************************-Model has real-world scale.-Model is centered at 0,0,0.-All object are named.-All materials are named.-No unnecessary objects.-Model looks like the thumbnails.**************************************************************Obj...
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metal posethic arm
metal posethic arm
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FK 6720 Sofa Two Seater by Lange Production 3D Model
FK 6720 Sofa Two Seater by Lange ProductionDesign Jorgen KastholmFK 6720 Sofa Two Seater - Lange Production by Jorgen Kastholm- High resolution Lange Production Sofa all materials and lights scene setup for V-Ray renderer.- The materials are available in the Max file format with V-Ray.FORMATS...
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Magis ChairOne Public Seating System 2 3D Model
Great 3d model of a Chair_One Public Seating System 2 by Magis. Design: Konstantin Grcic. The model is based on the manufacturer's original dimensions and was created paying much attention to all the details of the real chair. It has accurate grid, ready to use and perfect for close-up. You will get 3 different variations of seating system:...
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