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Working Ocarina
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Another Ocarina, fully working. Entirely made with surfaces in 123Design.Must be printed with support ONLY on the bed or would be impossible to remove inside.. or setup supports manually.Sound as i hoped! I learn something about the Labium before design it on 123D Design...
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3D Printable Micro Drone
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Have A High School Engineering class 3D print and design their own Micro Drones. Students will have to test different body parts to find out what helps their drone fly best. They can then battle and race them. This is a great way to excite students into 3D printing.A...
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UPDATED: 07/02/2017
geneva Gear
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple gear called a Geneva gear used for small contraptions around the class room.
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Simple Machines Windwheel
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3d printer can help teacher to teach simple machines.Like this windwheel.
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Design a Boat
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Student designed boats - an 8th grade project.Students were challenged to design a boat to hold as many pennies as possible without sinking or capsizing. All boats were scaled and printed so they were 25 g.After testing students learned about buoyancy and density and...
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Design a Puzzle Cube
======== SUMMARY =============================================================In this lesson I have kids create a puzzle cube in 123D Design. I use this software in my class because it is free and there is also an Apple App so the kids can use it on their iPads (every student in my school gets one free to use during the school year). You could...
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Water PVT Diagram
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A Pressure-Volume-Temperature diagram for substances that expand upon freezing (such as water). On the labeled diagram, axes and phases are labeled, though it may be difficult to read the phases.I've found that this diagram is quite helpful in thermodynamics....
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Animal and Plant Cell Construction Kit
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Make a model of an animal or plant cell.Making models of animal and plant cells is a common middle school science activity. Now you can 3D print your cell model. Customize or remix as you please, put a hole in it and make a keychain, whatever you like.Open the file...
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Rocket with Helicopter recovery system
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I was looking for a unique way to show the effects of drag to students in the rocketry unit besides using the conventional parachute or streamer. Inspired by seeds falling out of a maple tree ( Watching them rotate their way slowly down towards my gutters) I though why...
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Strength Test
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This project is a challenge for students to create the strongest and lightest structure from the provided template. I included a couple other ideas for inspiration.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer: * XYZ Davinci*...
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