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Super Replicator 2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted to 1-up my Replicator 2 with a Super Mario inspired theme!Aside from the blue paint used on the panels, all of the pieces were 3D printed and not painted or finished in any way, the multiple colors are from swapping filament colors mid-print.My general process...
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Ladies Diamond (Engagment?) Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================It's the ring ... 11.38mm diameter finger ... engagement or wedding I guess ... I try to avoid those kinds of things myself ...OTOH, it can be printed on a CupCake MakerBot or any other 3D printer ... probably a quality wax printer for a mold to make the real thing...
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MakerBot Digitizer TM
MakerBot Digitizer TM
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Filament Support
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Wall mount Makerbot filament support. When using external filament with Makerbot.
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Yogurt Cup Self Irrigating Planter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This project is a 3D printed insert for a yogurt cup or any container that needs a new purpose. It turns trash into a self irrigating planter for kitchen herbs or flowers. Done in OpenSCAD, I tried to make it as parameterized as possible. Also, it should be able to...
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Green Lantern's Ring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Another Friend of mine wanted a Green Lantern Ring. So Here's the ring. Ta! Da!!!Size 9
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Extending Gripper Toy (Kinda parametric)
Derivative of a toy. Challenges the idea that nostalgia must be bought back from corporations...I've tried to make this file parametric. The idea was to have the gripper and handle resize automatically depending on the dimensions of the arms. That kind of was implemented but you will have to play with some hard coded values to make it work...
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Iphone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S stand with speaker / horn
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This iphone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S stand with speaker / horn was a nice design to see what you can do with 3d printing. To use the speaker / horn the sound of your iphone gets louder without using any power. This design is printed on Makerbot Replicator 2 with makerware...
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Modular hollow universal joint for cable management
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a hollow modular universal joint to make your cable mess look a bit more attractive and manageable. Install where needed; office desk, home office, studio, botcave...Similar to cable chain but can move in 2 directions at once or due to its modularity you can make...
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Botmobile Dune Buggy - 2013 Version
======== SUMMARY =============================================================After printing the original Makerbot Botmobile and having trouble finding the right motor, gear and battery combo I decided to redesign the drive train and some other components in order to make it easier for everyone to get a functional Botmobile up and running.Video of...
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