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Customizable beads!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================For those of you DIY & Jewelry people, here are some beads you can use for (even some optimized for earrings)Re-mixed from my button scad program. If you have any ideas for other shapes or features you may want just let me know.
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UPDATED: 20/12/2016
QT Cafe
One of my earlier renders that I’m still very happy with! I want to expand this in the future to an entire QT town!
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Fantasy RPG Game Character- Connor
An Original Character designed by me for my Final project in Block 03 of The DAVE School Gaming program course. I sculpted the Hi-Res model in ZBrush and did the re-topo in MODO. Textures were all done in photoshop with a mix of hand painting and photo editing (cloth and leather) This is the first Model I’ve ever uploaded to anywhere on the...
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UPDATED: 31/12/2016
Tried my hand at modelling a crow, rough as.
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Hand Painted Sword 01
First attempt at hand painted textures :D
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Albion Online: Dragões Púrpuras Guild - FanArt
This composition was made from the elements that are seen in the character selection screen inAlbion Online, which is a fantastic MMORPG created by Sandbox Interactive studio.The coat sported on the flag and shield is a tribute to the Brazilian guild “Dragões Púrpuras”.*Concept and modeling:*Neemias Watzko*Texture Painting:*Eduardo Kempner
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Golden Thief Bug
Golden Thief Bug ~! from Ragnarok Online
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UPDATED: 01/01/2017
found out about Corey Smith’s work not too long ago… had to try and turn one of his concepts in to 3D!http://coreysmith.artstation.com/
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UPDATED: 02/01/2017
asset storeHand Animation / hand painting~!https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/kr/#!/content/6704
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Alice Sketchfab
Testing Sketchfab~ I don’t know yet how to showcase shadeless/diffuse only render to be the same as default, anyone can help?
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