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Customizable beads!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================For those of you DIY & Jewelry people, here are some beads you can use for (even some optimized for earrings)Re-mixed from my button scad program. If you have any ideas for other shapes or features you may want just let me know.
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Survival Props Pack
Game Ready Low-Poly Art Survival Props Pack
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Alice Sketchfab
Testing Sketchfab~ I don’t know yet how to showcase shadeless/diffuse only render to be the same as default, anyone can help?
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The Fox and the Crow
The Fox and the Crow fable in a low poly diorama. In the story, a hungry fox finds a crow holding a piece of cheese. The fox deceives the crow to sing, by flattering its “beautiful” voice. In the moment the cheese falls down, the fox quickly steals it and runs away.
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UPDATED: 16/02/2017
Tried my hand at modelling a crow, rough as.
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Jack O'lantern
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Stubby Cthulhu
This is a low poly stubby Cthulhu. It was made in 3ds Max and textured in Photoshop.
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Keys on a nail
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Celeby Rocket
3D low poly Environment for game designed in unity3d
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Albion Online: Dragões Púrpuras Guild - FanArt
This composition was made from the elements that are seen in the character selection screen inAlbion Online, which is a fantastic MMORPG created by Sandbox Interactive studio.The coat sported on the flag and shield is a tribute to the Brazilian guild “Dragões Púrpuras”.*Concept and modeling:*Neemias Watzko*Texture Painting:*Eduardo Kempner
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