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Volkswagen Golf mk2 grille keyring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Lasercut keyring with the classic front grille of the mk2 Volkswagen Golf GTI.I only used a dwg file, and cut it in 3mm Acrylic, but I believe you can easily extrude the drawing and generate the STL version in order to make it with a 3D printer.PS: Make sure to scale the...
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Laser - Catan Number Tokens With Dots & Letters
======== SUMMARY =============================================================All of the Settlers of Catan number tokens I could find were vector with only outlines for text. I wanted a solid text layer so that I could etch the text and cut the tokens.With painting the acrylic, I found that it was easiest to etch deep. If you fill the text with...
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Laser cut SD Card holder.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I keep losing my memory cards, so when I had some extra time on a laser machine I decided to do something about it.I had some 2mm cardboard laying around so I designed a pretty simple drawer-like system to protect the cards between a couple of cardboard sheets.The whole...
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LaserCut - Bird House
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Some time ago I looked for a new design for our bird house for our garden. I found a very nice design and made a new construction by using a CAD program. The bird house is made of 3mm plywood. Now I hope that the birds will love it.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Safe Bird House
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This derivative makes several changes to its ancestor. The most obvious change I removed the perch and added a predator guard instead. I read from many sources that a perch is never needed for the inhabitants and only serves as perch for a predator to eat them instead....
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Phone Stand & Headphone Wrap (Laser Cut and Living Hinges)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================What you see here is the result of a lot of trials and errors. I wanted to make a phone stand using "living hinges." The living hinges allow a single piece of rigid material to bend.The phone stand is cut out of thin 1/8" mfd board using a laser cutter. It...
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Logic Stencils
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A quick and simple stencil to speed up the planning stage of your programming.I cut it from 3mm thick transparent acrylic, so that it is strong enough to survive a school pencil case, and still easy to line up your programme steps
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Lasercut Covered Wagon
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Laser cut covered wagon cut from 1/8th inch thick craft plywood - could easily also be cut from 1/8th MDF or whatever you want.My daughter (4th grade) is doing an 'Oregon Trail' section right now at school and was given the task of making a covered wagon. I...
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UPDATED: 17/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Irritate your friends and neighbours with this very noisy laser cut ratchet rattle.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Cut from 3mm plywood. Glue central piece to top and bottom. Glue the three cogs together and to the dowel....
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13A Double Socket Wall Box (UK)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I needed some very Low profile 13A Double sockets for my Wood Work Shop these are 2omm high and ready for horizontally ring main daisy chaining..1" and 1.25" Double socket wall boxes are too obtrusive in a workshop plastic also is less durable The workshop had...
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