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Karambit | Space
This knife is made of some strange material that is only found in space. but with this knife you have it all in 1. a powerfull killer and strange materials from space
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Restaurant 01 3D Model
Restaurant 01 include:bar, shelves, barshelf bottle, flowers, plant, chair, armchair, vase, coffee maker, rose, bowl, fork, knife, cutlery, cup, table, pillow.
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Gibson Key organizer
Use M3 screws and nuts
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Sword of Mediocrity
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UPDATED: 14/02/2017
Bayonet similar to that of a FN SLR c1960’s
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Universal Tools 3D Model
Here is a rigged and animated multi tool with many functions.- Knife- Scalpel- Saw- Beer opener / Can opener- Corkscrew- Usb flash drive with digital tools ;)and so on....
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Sword Letter Opener
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Maybe you're a fair maiden or a proud knight, or a secretary or clerk, woman or man of the house, or just someone that wants to have a little fun opening all of your exciting junk mail! What better way than to slice into that mail and pull out of t hat envelopes...
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UPDATED: 07/02/2017
M9 Bayonet
low poly model for mobile FPS game
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UPDATED: 08/02/2017
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Butterfly Brass
Butterfly Brass
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