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Shopping Cart Coin Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================UPDATE: I have a newer version that is a bit easier to assemble and slightly less material. [1]Never be caught without change for a shopping cart again.This model easily attached to any keychain or keyring and holds only 1 coin....
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Propeller keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================English.After printing the original model Umake ( [1]), I realized that the blades did not revolve everything softer than I would have liked, so the only option was to change the focus so that the blades rotate with the help of a...
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Carabiner Keyring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I keep my keys on a carabiner, which I keep clipped onto my belt loop. I often drop keys when clipping or unclipping the carabiner from my belt loop. However I frequently need to remove or add keys to the ring, so I don't want the keys to be too difficult to switch...
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Shopping Cart Coin Holder RevB AKA Really Small Coin Purse
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Never be caught without change for a shopping cart again.This model easily attached to any keychain or keyring and holds only 1 coin.The attached files are designed for a Canadian $1 coin but it is a customizer so you can adjust it for quarters of other currency.I found...
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Anarchy keyring/pendant
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Remixed this excellent anarchy symbol into a keyring/pendant.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer: * Flux Delta*Rafts: * No*Supports: * No
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Chalk Man Keyring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The idea of a chalk outline is an old one and seems deeply ingrained on the public's psyche. Completely ignoring the usual reticence around dead people and anything to do with them, I have trivialised it to the point of being a nifty little keyring!Initial product...
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Ford Keyring Badge
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Got asked a quick favor for someone whose badge fell out of his keychain. I know the orange isn't too flattering to the image, but it's what was asked for (and I didn't have any blue at the time). Measurements were simple and straightforward enough and it...
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Customizable Carabiner
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A carabiner to secure your keyring!======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Open in customizer and make the perfect carabiner just for you!The differences between this and the previous version are the arms of the carabiner are now...
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Shopping Trolley Token
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This shopping trolley token works for most shopping trolleys in Australia except Aldi types. Its modeled on the $2 dollar coin size. There is a 'paper clip' type detail to attached the token to your bunch of keys.I guess it could be redesigned into different...
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Bubblehead Darth key chain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Print the head in 50%,Print the bodys x and y in 50% and the z in 30%Print connector in 50% also, or just fuse some 1,75 filament in the connection between the body and head ;)Appreciate if you leave a picture of your finished model======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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