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UPDATED: 07/01/2017
Bague N°9
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Bague N°9
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Mini Lipstick Organizer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A wonderful Mothers Day Present, heart shaped organizer with an angled design .... fits standard lipstick tubes, with slots for pencils,brushes etc....
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AlchiRing N°2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Une bague pour chaque doigt avec les 4 éléments
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game of thrones "Daenerys Targaryen necklace"
======== SUMMARY =============================================================good luck :) [1]======== POST-PRINTING =======================================================[1]
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Heart chain with text
======== SUMMARY =============================================================YA! Another thing inspired by my daughter's creation.Give it a try: [1][1]
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UPDATED: 13/01/2017
More images & detail of the jewelry on this temp test website: ME OF INSTAGRAM shahar_cad
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Jewellery Pod
Since, I'll admit it, I've been going a bit mental with the jewellery lately I thought it might be a good idea if I made something to actually keep them in.  So rather than make a normal boring box I thought this nice pod design would be a little more decorative.  You could even paint it to look like a golden egg.... or a thermal...
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Earrings owl 1
Earrings for 3D printing with owl.
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UPDATED: 10/01/2017
I may not be curvy, but i can still make you turn
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UPDATED: 11/01/2017
This is a slight variation of an earlier piece uploaded here before. It is perfect for those who like all things cutting edge ( the puns are getting really bad now); and the edgy and savvy people out there and in here. Dont get left behind!
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