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Mini Lipstick Organizer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A wonderful Mothers Day Present, heart shaped organizer with an angled design .... fits standard lipstick tubes, with slots for pencils,brushes etc....
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AlchiRing N°2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Une bague pour chaque doigt avec les 4 éléments
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Heart chain with text
======== SUMMARY =============================================================YA! Another thing inspired by my daughter's creation.Give it a try: [1][1]
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UPDATED: 22/02/2017
Bague N°9
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Bague N°9
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game of thrones "Daenerys Targaryen necklace"
======== SUMMARY =============================================================good luck :) [1]======== POST-PRINTING =======================================================[1]
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
More images & detail of the jewelry on this temp test website: ME OF INSTAGRAM shahar_cad
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Warlock Dagger Pendant
Continuing the range of fantasy jewellery I'm coming up with lately, now you too can replenish your mana and harness the forces of the void to prove your allegiance to the Warlock class (I hasten to add that my main on WoW is a hunter and not a warlock, I prefer shooting things to setting them ablaze with fel-fire).  If you like this then...
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Earrings hearts 1.2
Earrings for 3D printing with hearts.
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Earrings floret pentagonal tiling 1
Earrings for 3D printing based on floret pentagonal tiling structure.
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Earrings owl 1
Earrings for 3D printing with owl.
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