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Roku Remote Wall Mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is designed to fit a Roku remote (USB stick version) and features a slot-and-hole style mounting point on the back which easily secures the holder firmly to the wall using a simple wall anchor and screw. The design features the Roku logo on the front and also has a...
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Modular Environment Piece, Mansion
Modular environment building I created for a class. Based my design roughly off of The Breakers in Newport, RI.The Breakers was the Vanderbilt’s summer “cottage” in Newport, RI. You know you’re filthy rich when you call your mansion on the ocean a cottage.(meant for a game with an isometric camera (city-builder, RTS, etc.)
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Rosette Round Molding 3D Model
Rosette Round Molding
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
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Andy’s Tiny Home
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Skull on a stand 3d model
Hell skull with eyes (stl file).
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Bunny bank 3d model
Original bank (stl file).
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Home Theater Sony 3D Model
Set Sony home theater
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Living Room 3D Model
Living Room 3D modelDone in Maya 2008 scene only without textures.
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Plasma TV 3D Model
A detailed model of a Plasma Screen TV
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