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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
Mini Hanger
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Just a mini hanger I made from scratch if you want to use it for mini clothes. You can also print it HUGE if you'd like to use it as a real sized hanger!======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * Deezmaker*Printer...
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Copy of sleutel hanger fiene
Copy of sleutel hanger fiene
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U-Lock Hanger (Kryptonite)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A first tryout to create a U-Lock hanger.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * Ultimaker*Printer: * Ultimaker 2*Rafts: * No*Supports: * Yes*Infill: * 20%
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Universal hook for brooms and vacuum cleaners
======== SUMMARY =============================================================.... Universal broom hookA hook with 3 different diameters, to hang brooms, vacuum cleaner hoses and more.Two holes for fastening to walls.We suggest printing with ABS to give extra stiffness.byBrignetti Longoni Design Studio [1][1] http://brignettilongoni.com
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Clothes and shoes 3D Model
The product: Clothing contains more than 100 very detailed and fully textured 3D-models of various pieces of clothing and shoes.Each piece of clothing is included in three versions:- adjusted to be applied to the mannequin-models (included with the product)- on clothes-hanger hanging to be used in shop visualizations- Obj file that containsUse...
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Coat Hanger Stand 3D model
- Modeled in Blender.- Preview image rendered using cycles.- All scene are included in .blend files.- Great for close up render.- Polycount are before subdivision- All parts and materials are logically named.
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Towels collection 3D model
This 3d model of towels.Towels are available in several colors and finishes. These towels are the perfect complement to the interior.Made in 3dsMax 2014 and rendered in Vray 2.00All scenes have 165 396 polygons and 155 452 verts.
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Experimental Gunship 3D model
Full VTOL capabilities, rear facing thrusters. 2 MAC turrets at the front with a main laser system.Fits in the Hanger and would do nice in a Cinematic.
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Industrial Area Design 3D model
Building 150 - A Factory 3D ModelsA Factory model. The materials are set in VRAY.
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Hung Green Dress 3D model
Hung Green Dress 3D model
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