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Universal game card holder like UberStax
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I saw this on kickstarter and had to make one of my own (because I just couldn't wait for it to ship to me): [1]Here's a vid of the real thing in use:
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Battering ram
one of my first 3d models :D
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UPDATED: 16/01/2017
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Survival Props Pack
Game Ready Low-Poly Art Survival Props Pack
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Mehmetcik-Turkish blue beret
Turkish blue beret soldier for games
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UPDATED: 19/01/2017
Razor from StarConflict In Progress
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Control Panel
Model made for our project called Unconnected. This one it will be the Control Panel where our Character interact to activate others mechanisms Maya2016 sp3 Substnace Painter 1.6.1
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models monster lowpoly for games
Joint Stock Company Vietnam T2D Studio specialized graphics processor on the Games and TVC Our company consists of members who have many years of experience in the processing of graphics for gaming pc, games on the PS machine life. These games do we have participated as Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors series of games, Dissidia Final Fantasy,...
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UPDATED: 22/01/2017
Hogger Fan Art (Heroes of the Storm styled) More here:
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Albion Online: Dragões Púrpuras Guild - FanArt
This composition was made from the elements that are seen in the character selection screen inAlbion Online, which is a fantastic MMORPG created by Sandbox Interactive studio.The coat sported on the flag and shield is a tribute to the Brazilian guild “Dragões Púrpuras”.*Concept and modeling:*Neemias Watzko*Texture Painting:*Eduardo Kempner
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