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Yana, a friend of mine
I keep practicing in Blender. I had few photos of my friend and made this sculpt of her.
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
Dog Playing
Little model I had sitting for years in a hard drive. I made this in 2010 model. (I have more)
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Frog phone holder-amplifier
I am a cute frog for you. I Provide you with a bit louder handsfree calls without any additional power. Furthermore I hold your phone during calling, charging or watching movies. Could I be your new friend? You have to glue the frog's eyes after the printing. The eyes are not  3D printed.The frog is made of PLA.
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Chainsaw Guy 3D model
Good for use as an ally or enemy in a game or as a character in a movie. Also great as a base for a more complex character.
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K9 Robotic Dog 3D Model 3D model
K9 the Robot Dog from that very popular TV series involving Time Travel, whos name eludes me right now ? - This robotic Dog 3D Model is well detailed, and comes in multiple formats for different end uses. Max3 - 3DS - OBJ some glossiness settings may need re-setting after conversion to these formats, the Max3 version holds its mapping and other...
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Romantica Ring 3D model
The "Romantica Ring" is a *Beautiful Ring to wear at your finger*.
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German Shepherd 19414 3D model
1024*1024 diffuse map *.jpgpolys:612verts:563
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Birthday Hat 01 3D model
CGAxis Birthday Hat 01 This model comes from the collection of CGAxis models Volume 13. To buy full pack CLICK HERE.
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Romantica  Napkin Ring 3D model
The "Romantica Napkin Ring" is one part of the "Romantica Base Pack".
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Female deer 3D model
doe a deer a female deer.
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