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Customizable Spool Hub Adapter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I am using 32mm /1.25inch tubes to hold my filament spools. I got some spools with 53mm/2inch inner diameter. With this hub adapter they fit perfect.There are some filament spool hub adapters but I can't find one to simply plug into the filament spool having the...
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Wanhao I3 Filament Guide for Top Spool Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================When I use full reels of filament they tend to get wrapped round the holder on top of the printer. Created the adaptor to prevent this from happening,======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Printed with 30% infill
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3D Printer Filament Spool Free 3D print model
Tested and working - open source, quick, simple, standard (2" PVC connector available at any hardware store). Used when your filament comes on a crappy cardboard spool. Print 2 sides and use PVC glue to glue sides onto a standard 2" PVC pipe connector. 180mm in diameter and takes a full 1kg of filament, rolls easily on 3/4" PVC...
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Filament spool Free 3D print model
A filament spool for PLA or ABS plastic.
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Taulman Spool Holder
Here's a video explaining the spool holder... is my solution to fix common problems related to Taulman brand Spools... This design is based roughly on a popular Spool holder design I made a few years ago... ...Taulman makes great...
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Modular Rack Spool Holder
This spool holder is designed like a modular rack, you can to put many spools as you want in vertical form.And for easy changing spool you only need to pull up the roll and change for another one.This model have two options to being used:You can put the modular rack on a table or in the floor.If prefer, you can use the wall mount (incorporated in...
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Universal Spool Holder v2.0
This is a full redesign of my popular, but old and relatively weak spool holder that I designed nearly two years ago...Old, Obsolete Spool Holder:'s a video of me explaining everything you need to know about the redesign... new...
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Filament  Wallsupport / Wandhalter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================We have made this filament wallsupport as accessories for this Filament Storage [1].[1]
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Cylindrical Desiccant Cases - Filament Storage
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a slotted cylindrical container that I use to hold Desiccant for my filament storage system. It is designed to fit in the spindle area of the filament spool.I have made two sizes: * 30mm Diameter which fits my Hatchbox spools. * 50mm Diameter which fits my Orb...
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Micro M3D External Spool Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Filament holder designed to work on a Micro M3D. Can be used on other printers i just don't know how well. Can be mounted one of two ways as shown from the pictures.
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