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Filament Support
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Wall mount Makerbot filament support. When using external filament with Makerbot.
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Lincoln Log Spool Holder
This is a Lincoln-Log-Inspired spool roller! It's like a holder, except the spool rests on the logs. It's very simple and not a hassle to put together.
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IKEA Samla - Filament enclosure with passages
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hello!For everyone who wants his/her filament stored away and used at the same time!The IKEA Samla-Container is often used by people with a 3D-Printer to store their filament - but this design is also a filament holder and keeps them organized and protected.========...
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Customizable Spool Hub Adapter
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I am using 32mm /1.25inch tubes to hold my filament spools. I got some spools with 53mm/2inch inner diameter. With this hub adapter they fit perfect.There are some filament spool hub adapters but I can't find one to simply plug into the filament spool having the...
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Wanhao I3 Filament Guide for Top Spool Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================When I use full reels of filament they tend to get wrapped round the holder on top of the printer. Created the adaptor to prevent this from happening,======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Printed with 30% infill
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Simple Migbot Prusa i3 spool holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simplistic spool holder I designed for my Migbot Prusa, which uses RepRapDiscount smart controller. It's mounted by sandwiching between the controller board and printer's acrylic frame.======== PRINT SETTINGS...
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Flat filament spool roller Free 3D print model
I got annoyed by a couple of damaged or warped filament spools I have that wouldn't work with my other various rollers, so I designed this instead. Uses plain skateboard/inline bearings (608) and is sized for the spools I have around, but can be altered for other bearings and dimensions. I made the "hub" fit the smallest-diameter...
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Airtight Dry Box for 3D Printer Filament - Parts
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3D printed parts needed to build an airtight dry box for 3D printer filament storage. Full instructions can be found at this link to my How-To at [1].The purpose of this dry box is to prevent printer filament from absorbing moisture in the air. It can...
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Parametric universal spool holder
======== SUMMARY ============================================================="Universal Spool Holder 18-56mm II, 606ZZ/608ZZ" by cntrlV seemed like a nice design, but my spool had 60mm hole.I made a simple parametric version in scad. I added a thin boundary above the bearing, so you need to drill it out or clean up after print, but it...
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Horizontal Spool Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a lazy-susan style spool holder. I made it for my Fabrikator Mini which does not have a spool holder.It uses 28 3/8" ball bearings (slingshot ammo). The base, top, and hub are held together by a 1/4"-20 screw. I used a nylock nut to prevent it from...
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