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Filament Clip for Spools!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================/If you love it and it make's your day oh so great, snap a pic and "I made one" ;)/Should fit most spool's. If not, it only takes a few minutes to print and try :P I use a ton of these myself.======== INSTRUCTIONS...
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Filament clip 285 - for Filaments with a diameter of 2,85mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Filament clip for Filament with Ø 2,85mm (3mm might work) and many kinds of spools to attach the clip
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Filament cradle
======== SUMMARY =============================================================hello, i'm eun_seok of SAMDI COMPANYIt's filament cradle.Thanks.
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Micro M3D External Spool Holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Filament holder designed to work on a Micro M3D. Can be used on other printers i just don't know how well. Can be mounted one of two ways as shown from the pictures.
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XYZ printing window spool mount
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The first flush, external spool mount for your davinci printer!(Doesn't work with davinci jr)Do I need to say anything else?FYI: take the dimensions of the printer's window before printing.The scale is little off.I don't know why and it seems to not work...
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Customizable Universal Filament Clip
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This variation is even more useful than my previous one as it has the clip on the filter. The clip inspired by the fantastic filament clip [1] by intofocus [2]I make one for each spool so I get a combined clip and filter. Quick change - so easy.You can clip the filter to...
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Filament Clip for 1.75mm
I thought of a new design for filament clips, as the ones I have been using don't seem to stop the filament from getting tangled very well, and also are hard to find sometimes. This one won't let the filament wrap around, and it's hard to miss. Also: branded, because ;-)Let me know if you're interested in a 3mm version.
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================FITS THE SMALL HOLE ON SPOOLS. IF NO HOLE DRILL SIZE 5/32 AND FITS TIGHT.======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================PRINT WITH PLUG UP,,PLA
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Assorted Filament Clips (1.75 mm)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Each clip is designed to fit each unique brand of spool. It was designed for a .3 mm nozzle. It makes two perimeters with no fill. It may work with a 0.4 mm nozzle but I have not tried it yet. These are for 1.75 mm filament.Hatchbox clip: shown on red filament...
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Filament Cleaner & Clip 1.75mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A simple device designed to be left on the filament reel that has an inbuilt filament cleaner and clips onto the reel when you are finished with it to stop it getting tangled======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================there is an opening...
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