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Lincoln Log Spool Holder
This is a Lincoln-Log-Inspired spool roller! It's like a holder, except the spool rests on the logs. It's very simple and not a hassle to put together.
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Filament Storage Solution (IKEA SAMLA)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The IKEA SAMLA Boxes (22 l / 6 gallon) is the ideal storage solution for my needs. The profiled wall design makes it very stable. It can hold up to 5x 750g standard spools and I can put Silica gel inside. The IKEA SAMLA boxes should be available in many countries in the...
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Filament Spool Holder Roller Stand Designed for 608Z bearings.
======== SUMMARY =============================================================If you do not feel like buying bearings check out this model: [1]Filament spool holder / stand / roller for a very easy to obtain bearing, the 608Z ball bearing.The space between the guides are 8mm since all my spools seem to be...
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Modular Rack Spool Holder
This spool holder is designed like a modular rack, you can to put many spools as you want in vertical form.And for easy changing spool you only need to pull up the roll and change for another one.This model have two options to being used:You can put the modular rack on a table or in the floor.If prefer, you can use the wall mount (incorporated in...
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Spool Holder Basic v.1
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This spool holder was designed for all makerbot spools, the design is basic and easy for printability.Enjoy
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Filament spool holder (IKEA fit)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================As I have little space in my cupboard for my Ultimaker, I moved the spool and material feeder to the side of my machine ( [1] for the side feeder addition).I use an IKEA step stool 'BEKVÄM' as shelving in my cupboard to...
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pla filament connection to girder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================We use this connection to the girder for printing with our own filament label < by ctrl design >girder is 7 cm can also use the solid file for every other dimension and just screw it onto the place you want to use it.
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Makerbot Spool Holder #FilamentChallenge
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a spool holder for makerbot replicators, is designed to be attached to any Replicator model, tested in MK Replicator 1, 2 and 2x.Also have 2 options, single spool holder or multi-spool holder. Both models are loaded and ready to print.Dont forget to visit our...
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Universal Filament Spool Rollers -  using 1" PVC & printed ends for 8mm rod
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted a universal spool roller for my new custom printer, with a new Diamind Hotend (3-color mixing hotend) I needed a 3 spool roller that would be easy and quick to change out filament spools - I also wanted the ability to use multiple width and diameter spools -...
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is a simple threaded rod and ball bearing spool holder.Adjist the bearing distance based on the spool size.Use one of the other rod holder designs to hold the threaded rod after placing the filament spool on the bearings.Adjust the spool holder distance to stop the...
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