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battleship diy
Stick it with glue
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Filament Filter / Oiler
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hi, I made this during a drawing exercise .. I think it can be useful to someone ;)I upload the two version with hole of .. 3,5mm and 2,5mmThe inside edge prevents oil output ... if you use it as oilerhere .. a superfluous video of build :D
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Leela's electronic strap futurama cosplay
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This model is the Leela's electronic strap it's printable in two parts, glue some of velcro on each parts and it's ready ! It's ideal in order to do cosplay ! Thanks for your support and good printing !
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UPDATED: 20/02/2017
Set of parts
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x5sw drone down size
======== SUMMARY =============================================================have fun made from a x5sw not a hubsan======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * MakerBot*Printer: * MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)*Rafts: * Yes*Supports: * Doesn't Matter*Resolution: * .15*Infill: * 100%*...
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Bottle Opener - 3Dprintler
Its a customized model of the prevously design Bottle Opener featuring as keyring. Put those pennies to good use and crack open a beer with the 3Dponics Bottle Opener! Just slide a penny into the slot provided and use as you would a traditional bottle opener! Know how to make this part better? Have ideas for new parts? Visit our website (https://...
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Custom Text Potentiometer / Rotary Encoder Knob
*Nice looking knobs for your projects!*
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Grow Media Basket V1 - 3Dponics Drip Hydroponics
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Version 1 of the Grow Media Basket is a mesh structure that provides a bed for the plant starter and protects the plant roots from damage caused by grow media. Perfect when transplanting young plants and great for growing root vegetables. Fits 2-L bottles.Visit our...
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Bottle Connector (Small) - 3Dponics Open-Source Gardening
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The small Bottle Connector allows you to attach two bottles together so that one acts as a reservoir, collecting run-off nutrient solution that can be reused. Compatible with the 3Dponics Drip System or with the 3Dponics Mini.Visit our website ( [...
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3DP-MakeBlock-XYP (plotter/drawbot) FULL UPGRADE
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3DP MakeBlock XYP (plotter/drawbot) full upgrade. [1]I wasn't happy with the carriage design of the MakeBlock XY Plotter (drawbot) so I took it upon myself to redesign the X & Y axis carriages but I didn't stop...
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