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battleship diy
Stick it with glue
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Leela's electronic strap futurama cosplay
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This model is the Leela's electronic strap it's printable in two parts, glue some of velcro on each parts and it's ready ! It's ideal in order to do cosplay ! Thanks for your support and good printing !
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Filament Filter / Oiler
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Hi, I made this during a drawing exercise .. I think it can be useful to someone ;)I upload the two version with hole of .. 3,5mm and 2,5mmThe inside edge prevents oil output ... if you use it as oilerhere .. a superfluous video of build :D
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UPDATED: 13/01/2017
Set of parts
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x5sw drone down size
======== SUMMARY =============================================================have fun made from a x5sw not a hubsan======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * MakerBot*Printer: * MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation)*Rafts: * Yes*Supports: * Doesn't Matter*Resolution: * .15*Infill: * 100%*...
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Bottle Opener - 3Dprintler
Its a customized model of the prevously design Bottle Opener featuring as keyring. Put those pennies to good use and crack open a beer with the 3Dponics Bottle Opener! Just slide a penny into the slot provided and use as you would a traditional bottle opener! Know how to make this part better? Have ideas for new parts? Visit our website (https://...
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Custom Text Potentiometer / Rotary Encoder Knob
*Nice looking knobs for your projects!*
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Venturi - 3Dponics Drip Hydroponics
======== SUMMARY =============================================================An improved version of the original conduit that takes the principles of fluid dynamics and applies them to hydroponics, allowing water to flow more efficiently to the top of your 3Dponics system. The shorter pipe acts as the air intake (attaching to the air bubbler via...
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Pump Connector - 3Dponics Drip Hydroponics
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The Pump Connector allows you to power up to ten 3Dponics systems with one water pump. It was modified to print well without supports or raft.Visit our website ( [1]) and join our Google+ community (
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Bottle Connector (Small) - 3Dponics Open-Source Gardening
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The small Bottle Connector allows you to attach two bottles together so that one acts as a reservoir, collecting run-off nutrient solution that can be reused. Compatible with the 3Dponics Drip System or with the 3Dponics Mini.Visit our website ( [...
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