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Roboraptor 3D Model
Roboraptor 3d model Dinosaurs robot
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Raptor 121 animations - dinosaur animation set
A Dromaeosarus with 121 gameplay animations.
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Gallimimus Static
Model made originally for Jurassic life project (http://jurassic-life.com) , but has now PBR texturing ;P
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Acrocanthosaurus with Desert Pedestal HIGH... 3D print model
Acrocanthosaurus.obj - 1.3m trisDesertPedestal.obj - 1.5m tris
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Triceratops Horridus, Nat. Hist. Museum, Oxford
“The name Triceratops means three-horned face, referring to the one small and two large horns on the skull, which can be seen on the cast on display in the Museum.Triceratops was 7.3 metres long, and weighed more than 6 tonnes. It was a herbivore, and its jaws were equipped with a constantly replaced battery of teeth specially adapted for cutting...
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Lizard 3D model
It is a high quality model to add more details and realism to your rendering projects.Fully detailed, textured model. Detailed enough for close-up renders.It was created with 3ds Max 2012, and the file formats include an .FBX an and .OBJ and an .MB
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Diplodocus Diplodocus Longus 3D model
The 3D model was created on real base. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement, qualitatively and maximally close to the original.
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Dinosur T-Rex 3D model
The low poly model is ready for use in the game engine, excellent choice at a low number of polygons and nice quality textures
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