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Raptor 121 animations - dinosaur animation set
A Dromaeosarus with 121 gameplay animations.
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Acrocanthosaurus with Desert Pedestal HIGH... 3D print model
Acrocanthosaurus.obj - 1.3m trisDesertPedestal.obj - 1.5m tris
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Ferrari 246 Dino GT 1968 - 1976 3D Model
* Features:- Highly detailed exterior and interior.Doors can be opened and grouped.- Model is settled to 0,0,0 xyz axis.- Mental Ray materials included.- Real world scaled.(Units in milimeters)- Textures included.(C:\MCT\Ferrari) Place textures folder in that directory- Suitable for animations and architectural visualizations.- Tires, doors etc...
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Dragon 3 3D model
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Glabber Monster 3D model
The Glabber is another creature that has a very moody attitude, it feeds on anything in site, and loves to sneak attack it's prey. its hobby's are killing, destroying, and causing destruction.
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Allosaurus Lion of the Jurassic 3D model
Allosaurus Lion of the Jurassic 3D model
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Dino Dragon Xerat
Dino Dragon Cartoon for Childern for Gift and Olther Action Figure Statue
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Dino project - step 2
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A modular exchangeable set of dinosaurs !This is the second model, in two versions, small and large.You can see in the photo background the first model " Dino project - step 1 " http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1417852 [1]Other models will arrive...Each...
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Digital Extinction
T-Rex Roar
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Dinosaur 3D model
Low Poly modelTextures resolution 4096*4096DiffusrMapNormalMapSpecularMapDisplacementMap
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