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Keyboard Genius 3D Model
low poly 3d model of the genius keyboard with very detailed texture and vray material.BONUS: 60 TEXTURES FOR FREE TO THIS PRODUCT*******************************About 'Dzejsi':I am a professional 3d artist with experiences in game modeling,interior and exterior visualizations, furniture visualizations etc.My models are guarantee of...
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
Funky Chair
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made this chair out of inspiration of a curled wood chair I thought was fascinating. The replica is my own semi-modern interpretation of it and goes well with a previous project of mine, the mini desk. The whole thing is stuck together with hot glue and is quite stable...
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UPDATED: 25/02/2017
Figure Girl
–Model Ready to 3D Print– Download this model at :
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Girosaur Fractal Sculpture
A Decor sculpture based on Fractal.Size: 100x129x167mmVolume: 46 cubic cm.3D Print it in PLA/ABS.(zip file contains the original design & a design with support rods by MeshMixer v2.5)
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Start. End. – Sculpture
Generative design. Math Sculpture.(Click on pic to Zoom)3D print it with Nylon SLS/SLA or home 3D printer.
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Diamond Vase
A math equation turned decorative Vase.3D print it on your home 3D printer with ABS/PLA or glass filaments.
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Subdivide Vase
Beautifully designed Subdivided Vase.Unique Decor.Size: 170x170x190mmClick here for the matching Subdivide Bowl [1][1]
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2 Colors Wall Street Bull by Dizingof
A 2 colors Wall Street Bull design for 3d printers with 2 nozzles. *License*   -----------------------------------------------------------------   .. Free Design by Dizingof is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial [1] license.*No login required - Simply fill in your info at the checkout page then click Download* [1...
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Tinkerlight Desk Lamp
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is the desk lamp design for the Tinkerlight system. It requires the lamp hardware kit.Full details of the system are at: [1]The lamp hardware kit can be purchased on ebay at:
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IMPERIAL STORM MICKEY -Desktop Disney Trooper-
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Finally a Desktop Disney Trooper:"the Imperial Storm Mickey"Collect them all & Conquer the Galaxy!Happy Printing!the Bon Garçon.Special thanks to Team, with a fancy article: [1][1] http://3dprint....
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