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Horloge cube
======== SUMMARY =============================================================En travaille
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Educational Brake Caliper
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Since the start of my obsession with 3D printing and computer aided design, Motorsports has been on my mind. The Educational Brake Caliper is my first Motorsports related design to be released to the public.This caliper is based on a race car style brake caliper...
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Playing with Pencils
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This simple object does one thing - combine 4 pencils. With four of them you can make an open-bottom cube with room to expand upwards; with 8, a two-story building.======== HOW I DESIGNED THIS =================================================Based strongly on a 4-way...
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Perpetual Motion Machine
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is cool and fun to look at.======== MAKEREDCHALLENGE ============================================================ CUSTOM SECTION ======================================================*Project: Perpetual Motion Machine*Objectives: Students don't learn much,...
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Wavyz, the manikin!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================WAVYZ, THE MANIKIN!This manikin is fully adjustable and movable. Ideal for artists.You can try out different poses for painting or drawing.The manikin is ~18cm tall (fully assembled).Don't forget to print:Union = 26xLeg = 4xArm = 4xFoot = 2xHand = 2xBody = 1xHead =...
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Propeller & Spinning Top Launcher
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This launcher is designed for both of propellers and spinning tops. You can fly the propellers and also spin the tops by using one launcher.It is a new design, but it was inspired by Davidcolsson's propeller launcher ( [1]). To...
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Fix Everything In the School!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================3D Printers are amazing at replacing obscure parts on otherwise good items. Is your projector missing a foot? Remote missing a battery door? Has the disc holding the mouseball in place cracked? Print a new one!======== HOW I DESIGNED THIS...
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UPDATED: 18/01/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A Zoetrope animation device that spins on the tip of a pencil and fits 11" x 1" paper strips. Best printed with a dark filament or spray-painted black after printing.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer: *...
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Hexagon tracer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================My traceable shape things can be printed out very quickly with little plastic. I made these designs to be simple and intuitive so that anybody would be able to re-size them as needed.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer...
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Scarborough style reel
======== SUMMARY =============================================================As a Design teach its important that you follow the three "ing". Camping, Fishing and Partying.How to makePlastics-print files as attached-Plastic used is ABS and has been polish with acetone vapours-A housing has been included for a 15x6x5mm bearing on both...
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