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UPDATED: 15/02/2017
Mini Hanger
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Just a mini hanger I made from scratch if you want to use it for mini clothes. You can also print it HUGE if you'd like to use it as a real sized hanger!======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * Deezmaker*Printer...
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Penguin With A Heart
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This a small luxury item. It is a model of a penguin with a heart embedded within.There may be future adjustments to it.
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Cow Keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Cartoon cow keychain for your local farmer!Print in white and color raised faces and sides with black sharpie. Finish coat with polyurethane for longer-lasting color.Design based on clip art found on google images.
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UPDATED: 24/01/2017
Just a pokemon fanart I made a while ago. Will serve well as animation test! :P
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Leopard Shark
Been feeling down, so here, have a lil booper
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Stubby Cthulhu
This is a low poly stubby Cthulhu. It was made in 3ds Max and textured in Photoshop.
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Jake the Dog (Adventure Time) bedside Shelf
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This prints out in ten pieces spanning three colors, and then assembles perfectly with a bit of super glue.Print everything, and using the images provided as a guide, reassemble a few times to get the feel for the construction steps, and then use super glue to hold...
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UPDATED: 21/02/2017
Cozy Koala
Team Fortress 2 Workshop submission: perfect disguise for exploring the woodlands of South Australia.
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UPDATED: 20/02/2017
*Hello! I made this sculpture on Blender 3D. It's a funny chimera that wants to cheer you up :D Let me know if you like it.*
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Cartoon horse RIGGED and Animated 3D Model
Low Poly of a Cartoon horse made with 3D Studio Max 8In 3D Studio Max version only:-------------------------------the model is rigged ( pelvis, head, legs,arms,hands,spine,head,foot,mouth,tail,neck) andANIMATED (Walk Cycle + facial expressions)**** See the Youtube Video ************* scenes are exactly...
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