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Customizable table-side cable holder with zip tie anchoring
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I wanted a charger cable holder for my nightstand and other places. While it's true there are several to choose from on here, as per Thingiverse tradition, none of them were quite perfectly right for me, but they were still an inspiration: * St0nkingByte's 12-...
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Darktable Skull
======== SUMMARY =============================================================The infamous darktable skull, now as keychain.
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UPDATED: 12/02/2017
key   chain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================keychain
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======== SUMMARY =============================================================THIS I A KEYCHAIN
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UPDATED: 13/02/2017
======== SUMMARY =============================================================a castle or my stem class======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * MakerBot*Printer: * MakerBot Replicator*Rafts: * No*Supports: * No*Resolution: * Low*Infill: * 10%
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Easily Removable Shopping Cart Token Customizer
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Very simple customizable shopping cart token. It is designed to be easily attached and detached from key chain and cheap/easy to print, depending on your settings somewhere in the $0.15 range.This file is set for Canadian $1 coin.This is a remix of (http://www....
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Customizable Carabiner
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A carabiner to secure your keyring!======== INSTRUCTIONS ========================================================Open in customizer and make the perfect carabiner just for you!The differences between this and the previous version are the arms of the carabiner are now...
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Customizable beads!
======== SUMMARY =============================================================For those of you DIY & Jewelry people, here are some beads you can use for (even some optimized for earrings)Re-mixed from my button scad program. If you have any ideas for other shapes or features you may want just let me know.
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Customizable magnetic Flashforge Creator Pro Leveling Indicator holder
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Use this to test the bed leveling of your Flashforge Creator Pro. It is also useful to test the flatness of your bed, for example, to detect bubbles after installing a PEI or BuildTak surface.Features: * Magnetic * Customizable, easy to tweak dimensions to the tolerances...
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Customisable Test Keychain/Pendant
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Shitty Keychain made in OpenSCAD to test out thingiverse`s customiser app. Added a bunch of customisation options. Try not to go below the default width/length/radius as it might result in wierd shapes.Can be a gift if you are a shitty human who forgot to get a gift and...
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