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Ottoman Pehlivan
Animation character test
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UPDATED: 28/01/2017
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UPDATED: 30/01/2017
First time modelling a human character. School project, modelling with 3DS Max and texturing with Photoshop.
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UPDATED: 31/01/2017
Eater Bunny
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Cubone, The Gem Hunter
This little Cubone goes looking for the most precious gems of the world.
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UPDATED: 06/02/2017
This model is based on designs I made for it:
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Mordor Uruk WIP
Decided to take one of my older sculpts and turn it into a mid poly character.Planning on rigging him as well as redo some of the messy unwraps/textures when I have some more free time, so any feedback is appreciated :)
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UPDATED: 09/02/2017
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Seeth Character Villain
This is one of the characters of the Cyberpunk Scene we’ve been working on for the past couple of months. “Seeth” is the villain of the mini story we are creating. He is one of the detective’s informers, one that has provided him with false information. Concept Art by Vlad Ricean, full Character Model by Tudor Fat. Software used: 3d max, Zbrush,...
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Alice Sketchfab
Testing Sketchfab~ I don’t know yet how to showcase shadeless/diffuse only render to be the same as default, anyone can help?
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