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Cow Keychain
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Cartoon cow keychain for your local farmer!Print in white and color raised faces and sides with black sharpie. Finish coat with polyurethane for longer-lasting color.Design based on clip art found on google images.
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Teen Titans Go Characters
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Fan Art for the animated television show Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network [1]Made these for my friend and his son, they love the show. Printed in black and painted.Two versions of each, plain (stick magnetic tape on...
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UPDATED: 03/01/2017
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UPDATED: 06/01/2017
Boat Captain. Character that introduces the user to the Iceberg plattaform. [Issue on the sailing that do not shows up the shape keys animation simulating the wind influence]
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UPDATED: 09/01/2017
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models monster lowpoly for games
Joint Stock Company Vietnam T2D Studio specialized graphics processor on the Games and TVC Our company consists of members who have many years of experience in the processing of graphics for gaming pc, games on the PS machine life. These games do we have participated as Ninja Gaiden, Dynasty Warriors series of games, Dissidia Final Fantasy,...
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Scandinavian Bridge
3D asset From World Wide Wreck videogame (final career demo project).
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UPDATED: 14/01/2017
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Crystal Maiden
This is Crystal Maiden! A DOTA2 fan art i made with my coworker Pasca. He made the designs and textures and i made the 3d Model and Animations! :’) Check the Project here:
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MidRez CartoonFace
Female cartoon face. Skinned and rigged.
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