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Front derailleur adapter (braze on)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is an adapter to mount a braze-on front derailleur on a Mongoose Malus Fat bike. The Mongoose Malus comes with a single sprocket front, I wanted to piece together a triple. This bike has a bottom bracket size around 112 mm, so I had to offset the deraileur and the...
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bike seatpost rack - angled for seatpost
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is my second attempt at the ideal heavy duty seatpost for my full suspension mtn bike. My first attempt can be found here: [1]This time, I took into account the angle of the seatpost. I added a brace that rests against the...
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U-Lock Hanger (Kryptonite)
======== SUMMARY =============================================================A first tryout to create a U-Lock hanger.======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand: * Ultimaker*Printer: * Ultimaker 2*Rafts: * No*Supports: * Yes*Infill: * 20%
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K2 Mountain Bike
I decided to create a detailed model of my bike since it was just collecting dust during the winter.64142 tris 2048 color, normal, specular, metalness, glossiness, occlusion
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TileApp Seat Mount
So I took the mounting idea from Kronik and added a tileApp cover. I tried minimizing the design as much as possible so that it isn't exposed to the naked eye. I recommend printing this build in either black or any dark colour. Infill should be at 100%.I used a m3 rod socket screw to attach the mount right underneath the seat.--- Support 3D...
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Yi Camera Headrest Bracket
======== SUMMARY =============================================================I made this bracket to mount my Yi Action Camera on the ADEM Headrest on my Bacchetta recumbent bicycle. My camera is in an aluminum case with GoPro mounting tabs, so this should work for GoPro cameras too.All the "off the shelf" brackets I could find...
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Old bicycle 3D Model
Very detailed high poly 3d model of the Old bicycleincluded are textures, vray and standard materials in max file and in the archives..You can add smooth (meshsmooth or turbosmooth in 3dsmax) for better detailLook at the HD images in previewsBONUS: 60 TEXTURES FOR FREE TO THIS PRODUCTcheck out my other products, just click on my user name to see...
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Universal Phone Mount V2: Bike, Car, Tripod
======== SUMMARY =============================================================This is one of the most useful things I've ever printed. This dock firmly holds any normal sized smart phone and can mount to your bike, hang from your car rearview mirror, or mount to a standard tripod.I used it to hold my phone to my bike for doing speed tests on...
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Sony AZ1 bicycle frame mount 22 mm
======== SUMMARY =============================================================Bicycle frame mount for Sony AZ1.Diameter 22 mm.Knob link: [1]The handle is compatible with [2]======== PRINT SETTINGS ======================================================*Printer Brand...
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Bicycle 3D model
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